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Horizon Ag Clearfield® varieties offer excellent in-field performance, high yield potential and the quality grain and cooking properties that major food companies and mills demand.

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CLL18 is a University of Arkansas bred variety that has consistently outyielded CLL16 by about 5% in Arkansas trials. CLL18 does not offer the level of blast resistance of CLL16 and should be planted in areas not prone to blast. Since CLL18 is earlier maturing, it is a good planting partner with CLL16, allowing farmers to stretch out harvest.


  • Very high yield potential with a conventional stature and excellent stalk strength
  • Matures five days earlier than CLL16
  • Excellent milling with low chalk
  • High field tolerance to sheath blight
  • Widely adapted across the Southern U.S.


  • Plant Height: 42 inches
  • 50% Heading: 85 days
  • Lodging: Moderately Susceptible
  • Grain Quality: Excellent


  • Seed/lb1: 18,712
  • Seeding rate2: 55-65 lb/A
  • Nitrogen rate3: 120-160 lb N/A
Disease RatingsVSSMSMRR
Sheath BlightO
Bacterial Panicle Blight*O
Narrow Brown Leaf Spot*O
False SmutO
VS = Very SusceptibleS = SusceptibleMS = Moderately SusceptibleMR = Moderately ResistantR = Resistant

    *Reactions may differ due to variability of strains among pathogens.

    • 1 Seed/lb is not an exact number; it is an average from multiple samples harvested over a wide geography.
    • 2 Seeding rate is a suggestion based on drill-seeding in ideal conditions and fungicide/insecticide treated seed. Planting non-treated seed is not recommended. Seeding rate should be increased by a minimum of 10 lbs/A when using non-treated seed, planting into a rough seedbed, water-seeding, high-pH soils and soils with salinity issues.
    • 3 Nitrogen rate is a suggested rate based on a two-way split nitrogen application with the first application being applied on dry soil.

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