We help technology providers and
public breeding entities bring new
seed technologies to the market.

In 1997, several key rice seed companies founded Horizon Ag to serve as a technology channel for the U.S. rice industry. Today, Horizon Ag links public breeding systems and private technology providers, working closely with select producer-processors to make high quality Clearfield® rice seed available for planting in all rice-growing states in the southern US. Rigid internal quality assurance programs and independent trait tests, coupled with state seed certification requirements ensure that our rice varieties are high in germination and free of all noxious weeds, offering the highest available tolerance to Newpath® and Beyond® herbicides.

Horizon Ag Clearfield varieties have demonstrated proven performance on more than five million U.S. acres—more than all other Clearfield rice seed choices in the market today.

To bring novel seed technologies and advanced germplasm to market, Horizon Ag creates unique partnerships with technology providers, seed companies and universities, allowing for more profitable production at the farm level.