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Offering the highest-quality seed, excellent in-field performance, outstanding yield potential and exceptional quality at harvest, Horizon Ag Clearfield® varieties can help you succeed. Without boundaries.

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Provisia™ Will Meet a Need in Louisiana, Other Mid-South Rice Fields

Tim Walker, General Manager for Horizon Ag, shares the promising future for the new Provisia Rice System.

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Preliminary Arkansas Rice Recommendations for 2018

As harvest comes to a close, it’s time to think about next season. Based on years of testing, here are preliminary recommendations from the Univ. of Ark. Extension Service. Read More

Clearfield® Varieties Offer a Better ROI for 2018

Data shows Clearfield® varieties have a leg up on Clearfield hybrids, but knowing when to use each is key to a better ROI. Read More

Horizon Ag PVL01 Characteristics and Management Recommendations

Horizon Ag will launch the Provisia Rice System in 2018, providing farmers with an effective new tool to manage rice crops. Read More